To our new place…

Today we signed the lease to our new place. We are sharing it with another American couple, the male half of which is a student. They are from LA, so we have a few particular West-Coast ideals in common, which is nice. We spent all afternoon scrubbing everything. The previous tenants basically trashed the place, and we’re kinda starting from scratch. Let’s just say the aesthetics leave something to be desired. I will be posting pics pretty soon, but for the next few days we won’t have any internet at the flat, so I’ll have to walk down the street to a cafe if I want to check email, etc. In the meanwhile we’ve just been walking, walking, walking. Up the hill, down the hill. Around the hill. There are a lot of hills in Brighton. I really wasn’t expecting that. I feel my bum already starting to improve, but in the meanwhile, my calves are killing me. More later. Miss you all.


About krisawayfromhome

Back at home, but still a bit uneasy. Cooking my way to salvation?
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