A return to communications

Well, I had every reason to believe that our internet would be up and running normally sometime Friday. Our roomie Tai signed up at the Virgin table event on campus and we were told to expect a technician to come by the flat between 9am and 5pm Friday. A humongous window, but hey it is a utilities company. Well, a technician did indeed “stop by.” The equipment was literally dropped on our doorstep without even so much as a ring of the doorbell. And the installation? Apparently that is up the the subscriber. Our modem and router came with about 5 different “Quick Start” booklets and yet Ben+Tai were unable to get the thing up and running. The reason: after plugging everything in, you have to call to activate the modem at which point they apparently give you a password, etc. The Virgin Media Conglomerate is a freaking HUGE company, which apparently doesn’t make enough money to hire adequate customer service reps because Tai waited en queue for about 20 minutes before his pay-as-you-go cell ran out of credit and his call was disconnected. He went back to the table on campus to talk to the guy and was informed that the only way to do this was to call, and the rep was very sorry that Tai had already used £20 (about $32) of cell phone time and that if Tai asked the hypothetical person he  would eventually speak to would credit our account. So Tai came back and spent about 2 hours and £50 ($80) over the next day and a half trying to get someone on the phone to activate our modem. If you have a Virgin cell phone then you apparently get to call for free and have very fast service, everyone else pretty much gets screwed. But no one warned us of this beforehand. Sooooo, now we have internet. Finally. And it works well so far, but I dread that day we have to call the maintenance line for anything! Our new hob (stove/oven) is supposed to be delivered and set-up (an engineer is coming!) sometime Monday between 7am and 7pm. I suppose it can’t be any more of an ordeal than we’ve already endured.

In the meanwhile I’ve spent my time walking around a lot, cooking and sleeping. I am already getting into my Hibernate Mood, mostly because it’s already dark here at like 6:15pm! The clocks turn back in a few weeks and our lovely elderly downstairs neighbor Morris has already warned me that the sun sets at about 4pm for the rest of the winter. Just thinking about it makes me want mashed potatoes and a blankie.

Here are some new pictures for you of the roomies and the flat, though we have already moved the furniture around several times since I took them last week.

Ben, me, Tai and Vera

Ben, me, Tai and Vera




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