In which I lament the price of…

carrot/potato/cabbage curry with cucumber yogurt

carrot/potato/cabbage curry with cucumber yogurt

Everything Asian. Well, East Asian. Today we went out and ran some errands (didn’t get out of the house until after 2pm, as we are very very lazy people now on days when Ben doesn’t have class). Went to the bank to see why Ben’s debit hard has still not arrived. Grr. Then we stopped at what I refer to as The Asian Grocer, not to be confuse with Taj (the international-but-mostly-Indian grocer) or Taj Mahal (the definitely mostly-Indian-hole-in-the-wall grocer where the clerks talk to each other in non-English and ask me why I don’t like to eat sheep liver, no joke). Well, for those of you who have been to Uwajimaya or Fubon, you understand what my expectations of an Asian grocery store are based on. Yeah, they’re high. Uwajimaya is ENORMOUS and Fubon is CHEAP AS HELL and both have nearly anything  you might want to buy, and lots of things you didn’t know existed.

black bean tacos with slaw and pico
black bean tacos with slaw and pico

Unfortunately, this is the only place I’ve found within walking distance. Not only is this place tiny, but it’s also astronomically expensive. Let’s compare. Large bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce: Fubon $3, Here $8. Nori sheets for making sushi rolls: Fubon $1, Here $3.25. Five pound bag of sushi rice: Fubon $5, Here $12.25. Frozen gyoza wrappers: Fubon $1 ish, Here $5.25. And let’s not forget that good fish is basically non-existent here. How is that possible. We’re an ISLAND. All the salmon I see here comes from Scotland, it’s not like there’s some ridiculous import tax. It’s not far away! Sooooo. Today we bought fish sauce, soy sauce, shrimp paste, tamarind paste and pad thai noodles. Grand total: $21.90. I think I might throw up. So, if anyone back there in the US wonders what I want for Christmas, just go the nearest Asian grocer. Surprise me. On the bright side, this week I made my first ever attempt at Indian-style curry, and it was pretty good. And tonight I made my first ever attempt at pad thai, and it was delicious. (Do you even like the pictures? Someone leave me a comment and tell me how you’re feeling about the pictures/blog so far. I Kinda feel like I’m just talking to myself here!)


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3 Responses to In which I lament the price of…

  1. Allison says:

    I’m reading it! And liking the pictures. My friend Kristi spent two semesters in Edinburg a couple years ago – her big splurge was getting her parents to mail her canned pumpkin. She had Swedish roommates who had never eaten pumpkin! She did her best attempt at a Thanksgiving dinner for them and it went over well.

  2. Dad & Mom says:

    We love reading your blog and seeing the pictures. It make us feel like were visiting and learning about your experience. Keep it up.

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