Hooray! (an excited post)

As some of you might have heard, I lost my passport the very day I arrived in the UK. After 21 hours of travel which involved three airports, the London Underground and a regular train ride, I managed to leave it in the back seat of our taxi on the way to our first host’s house. *sigh* I will spare you the whole drama of trying to report it lost, calling the Embassy, getting new photos etc-if you want those details you can ask and I will email you the story. Today we went into London and got all that gnarly paperwork out of the way. Sooo, in approximately 2 weeks I will once again have a passport and that means I will be able to take advantage of some of these crazy Ryanair deals.Yes, you can fly to Genoa for£3 each way. But that’s not the best thing about today. There are two other things that made today awesome. Number One: after the Embassy we went to the British Museum. This is basically the repository for all the nifty artifacts Britain looted while occupying other countries (that was Maria’s hubby Simon’s description, and he’s from the UK so you can’t blame me). This means there are rooms and rooms of mummies. They own all kinds of crazy things.

my soon-to-be future dinner

The British Museum owns Cleopatra! Cleo-freaking-patra. Know what else they own? The Rosetta Stone. Yes, today I saw the Rosetta Stone. Number Two: while we were aimlessly wandering around London, trying to make our way back to the train station, we stumbled upon this gem. Oh was I ever excited. Most of the stuff in there was actually reasonably priced! So we bought sushi rice, and nori sheets, and rice vinegar. And as soon as I can find some decent fish, we will feast. Oh yes, my friends, there will be sushi.


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