the no-knead bread challenge

CIMG1266Well, a couple things. First off, it is pomegranate season. Yes yes, I love them. I think only Tiffany really knows just how much I love them. Upon discovering their luscious wonderful-ness about three years ago, they have become something of a closet obsession. Why closet, you may ask? Well, my love has not been allowed to blossom, due to their unfortunate price tag of $2 or even $3 apiece. Well, I’m not sure if it my current proximity to the Middle East or what, but they were at the grocery store priced at 2 for £1.49 ($2.43 USD) and so I bought some. And oh my are they glorious. And even better, Ben thinks the seeds inside each lovely garnet jewel are annoying, which means I get them all to myself! HAHAHA! Okay, on the the main point of this post. For those of you who are not obsessive readers of all blogs food-related, there is something of a phenomenon around a recipe that food columnist Mark Bittman published in the NYTimes a few years back. Mark went to a popular bakery in Hell’s Kitchen where the owner showed him how to make killer bread that doesn’t have to be kneaded. Basically you mix four ingredients together, let it rise 12 hours, turn it out and fold it over on iteself twice, then bake it. We’re talking the kind of bread you might pay $4 for at Whole Foods. And as you can see, everyone but me has made this bread by now, and almost everyone has had incredible results. So I decided that I would try it, despite lacking both a dutch oven/Le Creuset/lidded casserole dish and an oven that goes to the necessary 500 degrees. I figured I’d just use our little roasting pan and cover with foil. Nope. The dough was outlandishly sticky. So bad I have to add an extra 1/2 cup flour (recipe only calls for 3 cups). And it never quite doubled in size. And it stuck to everything it touched. And it never really puffed up in the oven like it’s supposed to. I would show you pictures, but they might make you cry. (Full disclosure: actually, my camera battery was dead) It tastes okay at best. I have no idea what went wrong. Too cold in the kitchen? Weird English water is somehow “wetter” than regular water? Adding a bit of wheat flour in with the regular messed it all up? Of course, this means I will be baking another one next week…Hopefully it’s edible.


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Back at home, but still a bit uneasy. Cooking my way to salvation?
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