I’ve seen the Holy Grail: it’s in a roasting pan in my oven.

I’ve been feeling rather blah the last few days. I haven’t been able to find a volunteer job and the weather has finally taken a turn for the worse. I can only describe it as Portalnd-esque, and those of you from my hometown will have an idea what that means. It’s supposed to rain all weekend which is bad news for me as I’ve been cooped up in the flat virtually all week, save for a few trips to the grocery store. Everything I’ve been cooking the last few days has been sub-par by my standards, though Ben will happily eat almost anything, which is encouraging, I guess. Nothing I’ve made has really hit the spot, and yet I’m not even sure what I feel like eating. I guess the season change has gone to my stomach, too, because I just keep thinking about summer foods I want, and of course, those are somewhat unobtainable now. I’ve been scouring my favorite food blogs in search of something that piques my interest. Unfortunately everything I like is either a baked good, or has way more ingredients than I can commit to. I’ve sworn that I will not live on cake alone, nor will I spend an exorbitant amount on food for us. I am trying really hard to be thrifty and creative and not buy things I know we won’t finish. So far I’ve only had to through out one batch of leftover that weren’t consumed in a timely fashion. The other emerging issue is Ben’s apparent lactose intolerance, which he seemed to acquire last spring (after a gouda bender in Amsterdam?). This prevents me from making pizza, which I would otherwise gladly eat once a week. I am trying to be good about planning meals about three days in advance but tonight I just wasn’t into what I’d planned so I threw that plan out the window and went to the grocery store instead. Lo and behold, there was chicken on sale. A GOOD sale, a sale that made it, like, the price it is in America! So we ate roasted veg and drumsticks and spinach salad. And I decided there’s no ennui that roasted veg can’t help.


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Back at home, but still a bit uneasy. Cooking my way to salvation?
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