Don’t bother styling your ‘do.

If there’s one thing I can say about the weather here, it’s that it’s very windy. Like, tree branches banging against the window, don’t bother combing your hair before you go out, even the seagulls are grounded windy. I went out the other day to run some errands and it was really really windy so I decided hey! I should go check out the ocean, see what it’s up to. Well, it was up to a lot. Now to clarify, it’s not technically the ocean. It’s the English Channel which, I suppose, is why the water laps up on the shore more than it crashes. Definitely not the ocean I’m used to, where big swells churn sand and rocks and kelp and spit them onto the beach with almost frightening force (I’m reminded of the multiple times I turned my back on the tide, only to immediately find myself face-down in the sand). But with the crazy Brighton wind whipping about there were actually white-caps on the water (basically looked like the Columbia River out by Hood River on a windy day), and it was a nice change of pace. Course, then I nearly blew over and had to retreat to the (relative) shelter of the Lanes neighborhood. Here are a couple pictures of the Brighton Waterfront before twilight (also known as 3:30 pm here, no joke). The first one shows Brighton Pier, which has an arcade, rides and lots of fried food stalls. The second is the open water, the third is the remains of West Pier, which burned several years ago. Kinda spooky.

The second thing I wanted to stick up here was a couple pictures of a car I saw while I was coming home from the grocery store the other day. I will let you consider it, then I will surprise you with the make and model. Are you ready? It’s Smart. Yep, the company that makes this car also used to make this stylish sports-ish one. Crazy, right?


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1 Response to Don’t bother styling your ‘do.

  1. Allison says:

    Oh the wind…I went to college in a very windy town (valley between two mountain ranges with year-round 30 mph winds) and quickly learned that longer hair should be braided or covered with a hat PERPETUALLY.

    Beautiful pictures of the Channel…ARGH, I totally want to go back to England.

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