Sprite here sucks. I have something of a tummyache and so I went down to the quickie-mart to buy a mild carbonated beverage. No ginger ale in sight (who invented that anyway? it seems like no one but Americans drinks it) and I already know that I don’t like 7Up’s new(ish) all-natural formula, something about it just doesn’t taste right. So that left me with only Sprite as an option. No worries, I thought, I like Sprite. Yes, worries. All pop here is made with ACTUAL sugar, unlike in the US where it’s made with high fructose corn syrup (gotta love those farm subsidies). And I gotta say, I like sugar-Coke better than HFCS-coke. I like it in Canada, I like it in Mexico, I like it here. But I don’t like sugar-Sprite. Sugar Sprite tastes IDENTICAL to 7Up *sigh*


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2 Responses to hmpf

  1. Simon says:

    7up always better than Sprite. American Sprite left a slimy aftertaste and was too gassy. Dr. Pepper was the best tasting in the US.
    Try the Australian Ginger Beer ‘Bundaberg’ from Waitrose.
    Ginger beer (ale) was another fine British invention!!!!
    See you in January.

  2. If you guys invented and and you’re so proud of it how come I can’t find it anywhere?!?! Hmmmm???? Oh, and why do the cans say BOTH Canada Dry and Schwepps on them? Those are supposed to be two different companies! Crazies. PS, any news about the timing of my visit?

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