Brighton & Hove

Technically speaking, Brighton and Hove are actually one city, I think. They used to be separate towns, but they were merged into one municipality a bit ago. Although addresses still specify one or the other. For instance, my postal address specifically says “Brighton.” None of this really matters. My point is, two towns are now one, but they each retain something of their separate identities. They have their own personalities and their own stereotypes. I live in Brighton, but I kinda have a crush on Hove. I haven’t spent much time over there (it’s a 3 mile walk one-way) but I was wandering around the other day, and I walked farther into Hove than I’d ever been before, and I gotta say, it’s pretty charming.

Ok, now to discuss some of those contents. Yes, that’s a flower market in front of John the Baptist. It appears to be permanent. Yep, those are Christmas trees for sale. They are for sale all over the city right now, and they pop up in the weirdest places. Most fruit and veg dealers have them outside their shops. Flowers shops have them, obviously. They are for sale in the Open Market. Even a few quick-marts have some outside. No, we’re not getting one. A four foot tree costs anywhere from £20-30 ($33-57). Last year my family and I cut down our own seven foot tall tree and I think we paid like $30 for it. And we got to do it in the snow (is there anything more Christmas-y? I think not). Well, a large percentage of the trees around  here aren’t even very good-looking. Yep, fugly trees. It’s a shame, really. They should have stayed in Norway (I guess that’s where some of them come from, I read it on a sign). I told someone here that my family always goes out to cut our own tree, round trip of approximately 10 miles, and they almost spit their drink out. Never knew how lucky I was. Secondly, that’s a proper butcher shop. There are two sketchy-looking butcher shops on London Road near the Open Market, but I don’t really frequent them because, well, they look sketchy. The only other proper shop I’ve seen is in the Kemptown neighborhood of Brighton. Not terribly expensive but pretty out of the way for me. This one is even farther away, but I was mezmerized by those birds hanging in the window. I couldn’t see their heads from outside so iIm not really sure what they were. The plumage that had been left around their backsides looked turkey-esque, but turkeys are native to North America, so it seems weird to see one in the window of a butcher here, despite it being Christmas and all. Ad I’m not one to just walk in there and ask, so the mystery will probably never be solved. St. Andrew’s Church appears to be Scottish Catholic, based on the Scottish flag flying on their fence. Not many Scott-ish names in the ole bone yard, though. I am seriously in love with the entrance to the grounds. Its very Zen, don’t you think? Frankly with all that moss it reminds me of something that you’d see in Oregon. *sigh* Ah, homesickness. Ok, here’s a happy picture to end this with: a lovely sunny day. This is one of the side streets I walk on my way to/from the grocery store.

Riley Road


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