Merry Christmas

We didn’t get to take our trip to Paris. It’s a long story. Basically, there’s be wicked tons of snow in SE Britain/Belgium/NW France. So much snow, that it effed up the electrical systems of several Eurostar trains, stranding a couple thousand people in the Channel Tunnel (you know, the one that goes UNDERWATER between England and France) for multiple hours last Friday. So the train company had to suspend service for several days and by the time they got it running again we had to cancel our reservation etc. Since we’re not actually in London where the trains leave, we have to spend about $25-$40 in local transportation just to get to the station and between that and waiting on stand-by for a space on the next train and trying to find a new place to stay we decided it wasn’t worth it. We’ll probably get our money back for the train tickets, but we’re out the deposit on the flat and any money we’d already spent on tickets to and from London, about $110. And all I got was a stinkin’ cold. Yep, I caught a nasty cold the day after we got back from Barcelona, and now that I’m feeling better, Ben has it. So maybe it’s better we’re not in Paris, because frankly, we haven’t been the most energetic couple the last few days. So, the Christmas plans are eat lots of food, and watch a few movies. I started the cooking today to get a jump on things. I made green bean casserole (Ben’s favorite, aren’t I wonderful?) and stuck it in the fridge. Hopefully it keeps

ok overnight. There’s no Campbell’s here, and no French’s fried onions either, so I made the whole thing from scratch. Yep. I think it’s gonna be awesome. The rest of the menu: herby chicken thighs, roasted carrots, mashed potatoes, apple galette. This is our tree. It’s a branch I picked up on the street a few weeks ago. I made the garland our of the foil wrapper from a chocolate bar. I still have two unopened presents from my parents. Saving them for tomorrow. Lastly, I just want to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas (slash Happy Holidays) and a Happy New Year, too. I’m thinking of you all tonight. Hugs and kisses from England.


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Back at home, but still a bit uneasy. Cooking my way to salvation?
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