Lots o’news

Lots of stuff going on. And due to my on-going kerfuffle with the image function on this blog, I think I will save myself the frustration and post this in a couple different installments. First, my old friend, whom I have known since we were like 12, and her husband just had a baby! Holy crap, a BABY! This is my first friend to give birth and it’s kinda blowing my mind. Not to mention the fact that they live outside DC, which means the girl just gave birth in the middle of a freakin’ blizzard. I haven’t heard how they actually got to the hospital, I know they had a buddy with an SUV on standby. Soooo, CONGRATULATIONS Allison and Mike, and welcome baby Jade. I believe this is also the first grandchild for both families, so I’m sure they’re all thrilled.

Now that I’ve just introduced a new baby to the world, this next comment is going to seem completely trite and dare I say ridiculous. Just to give you an idea of what “excitement” means on my average day: I made tea and it turned out blue. Let me elaborate. I like a cup of tea in the evenings, but I find that one bag generally will steep two cups adequately. So when I open a new tea bag I pour a cup, then set the bag on a saucer on the counter, for an encore show the following night. Last night I made myself a cup of my favorite tea (Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea, thanks Mom!) and it was the usual lovely ruby hue. Tonight I pour myself the encore cup, and it’s blue. I stand in the kitchen, I squint, I hold the mug up to the light. I lift the tea bag from the water and lo and behold, the tea bag itself is tinted blue. Like a blueberry stain, except there are no blueberries in this tea. The ingredient list includes both pomegranate AND hibiscus flowers (jamaica for those of you who love Mexican food) which are both known for their ridiculously red tones. Shirt-staining red. It must be something in the water. Did I taste it? Of course, this is, after all, for science. And how does it taste? Crappy. Like freezer-burned blueberries. I guess this is one tea bag that won’t be doing a second show.

Now for some photos. First, on the “automatic” setting which appears to be a lesser flash, in which you can definitely see why it looked blue to me, and then with the “indoor” flash, which makes it appear washed out, but somewhat less icky:


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