Ben and I went away for a few days last week. We needed to get out of the house and it had occurred to us that we haven’t really been anywhere at all in the UK, aside form London. The plan was to literally just pick somewhere and go there, without really researching it much. But of course it doesn’t really work like that. You have to find a train and a hotel, etc. But he forbid me from looking at pictures or planning any activities, to try and keep it more relaxed. Chester is near Liverpool, about two and a half hours northwest of London. It was a very important Roman fort and port in its time but lost out to neighboring Liverpool when the River Dee silted in and the port became unnavigable. The two central streets are full of exemplary examples of Elizabethan architecture that has been well preserved over the years. The historic center of the city is surround by the ancient (nearly 2000 years!) Roman wall which has been restored. You can walk a pathway on top of the wall along its entire length-about 2 miles-in the process crossing over several gates and passing numerous towers. Aside from several strolls along the wall and through The Rows our trip consisted mainly of watching Olympic curling (first tv I’d seen in about 4 months) and a semi-failed pub crawl. Seriously, I felt drunker after the second pint than I did the fourth and was in bed watching the aforementioned curling by 8:30pm, pathetic. We had a lovely lunch at a pub called The Brewery Tap, which serves beers from a local family-owned brewery. The brand is called Spitting Feathers and it’s my new favorite thing I will never be able to drink again (the brewery is seriously tiny and not available outside the region). Other than that the food was very mediocre. All in all it was a nice getaway, if not the most exciting. Next up we’re hoping to get out to some tiny country town and really just do nothing for a few days.


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