So yesterday I discovered yet another food that Brits apparently aren’t interested in: microwave popcorn. I’ve been trying to cut the junk food out of my diet but I’m experiencing serious snack-envy because Ben really likes these bacon chips they have over here and eats them fairly frequently. Despite my love of American Baked Lays, the flavors here aren’t very good so I thought I was just s.o.l. But then it hit me: microwave popcorn! Yes! My favorite brand back home has only like 100 calories in an entire bag, probably the least-bad of the bad-for-you snacks out there. So I went to the store and meticulously made my way through the crisps(chips)/savory biscuits(crackers)/snacks aisle. Nowhere to be found. So I asked someone and he told me the popcorn was over on the candy aisle. Candy. I walked over there wondering if maybe he thought I meant caramel corn or something. Then I saw it: two boxes. One brand, two flavor options: butter and salted. (On a side note, why would you ever eat popcorn that was salted and not buttered? And can I assume that means the other one is buttered but not salted?) Snack dream thwarted yet again. People here apparently don’t understand the joy that is hot buttered popcorn, yet they go crazy over Marmite Cereal Bars. Which, by the way, are vile. I have eaten a range of disgusting interesting things in my life. Heck, I used to eat chocolate shortbread cookies and dill pickle as a joke. And Oreos with mustard on them. So when I say that these cereal bars are icky, you can trust my judgment, right? I spit it out, it was that bad. I hate to say it but a lot of those food-related stereotypes about England are proving to be true.

So I appeal to you, dear friends and family, would someone, anyone, please send me some low-fat microwave popcorn. Before I’m reduced to buying it on ebay. Here, I’ll make it easy for you:


37 Natal Road

Brighton, UK BN2 4BN

In other news, the website coding is coming along pretty well. I finished the HTML section of my book and am about halfway through the CSS part. Apparently I now know more about it than Ben does, which is kinda awesome. I have been making up a bunch of fake pages to practice, using pictures from past vacations and the like. I can’t link you to any of them because I haven’t bought a domain name or web hosting, but here’s a screen shot I took of the latest one. It’s actually two pieces edited together so please forgive that ugly seam in the middle. 🙂


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2 Responses to s.o.s.

  1. Hey, nice work with the web page there!

    And did you say bacon chips? Now I’m the one with snack envy. David mentioned to me once that when you go to the movies (cinema) in England, all the popcorn is sweet–what we call kettle corn.

    Oh man, I used to LOOOVE getting these things called Flapjacks at the corner near King’s Cross Station. They were like a little cake of granola, but not as crunchy, and sweet–usually with a thin layer of chocolate on the top and sometimes orange flavored. So weird, but so good.

  2. We haven’t been to the movies here because one ticket costs something like the equivalent of $18 and it’s just not worth it to us. Yeah, bacon-flavored chips. They are big on meat flavored “crisps” here: Lays (known in the UK as Walkers) makes bacon, roast chicken, steak and onion, and prawn. The bacon ones are the only non-disgusting ones, imo. But I will have to check out those flapjack thingies. The only snack item they have here that I really like is chocolate biscuits. I’m going to bring some back to OR and try using them to make s’mores. Mmmmmm.

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