seriously guys

Yet another item that is super hard to find here in the UK: applesauce. Specifically, applesauce that has no added sugar. The nearest grocery store has zero jars of applesauce. Waitrose has zero. The ADSA (WalMart) website says they have 4 varieties but they are all made from Bramley apples, an English variety that is VERY tart (borderline inedible imo) and so the applesauce is like 65% apples and 35% sugar. I’m not eating that. If I eat that I may as well just eat apple pie filling!

And so today I make my own applesauce…


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2 Responses to seriously guys

  1. To be honest, I haven’t tried applesauce since I was about four years old. I just remember hating the texture as a kid.

    Hearing that you love it so much that you’re willing to make it yourself makes me think I should give it another try. Let us know how yours comes out!

    • Mmm I do like me some unsweetened applesauce sometimes. But because we don’t have a blender or a food mill I had to just use a potato masher and it was pretty chunky. But that’s ok, I like it that way. I found a website that talks about which variety of apple works best for sauce and bought them at the Turkish grocer down the street. They didn’t taste very good raw but the applesauce is actually great, the flavor is much more concentrated. I just peeled, cored and chopped the apples and covered them with water then simmered them about 30 minutes until they were easy to squash. The only thing I added to the water was 4 strips of lemon peel and a squeeze from the lemon so the apples wouldn’t brown as much. When they were done I took them out with a slotted spoon and mashed them in a big bowl. Then I boiled the leftover liquid until it reduced by about half and added it back to the apples. Apparently it keeps in the fridge about one to one-and-a-half weeks. I might go eat some right now!

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