I love being told I’m the best

The weather here has been really great lately, and great weather sets off a lot of food cravings for me, not the least of which is iced coffee. This is an issue because we have a tiny freezer and that means precious little real estate for ice cube trays. I also have only the tiniest coffee pot. A few months ago I bought one of these adorable stovetop espresso makers, a style is very popular in Europe (available at Pastaworks if anyone in PDX decides they want one) after one of our hosts made me a cup. My tiny pot brews three 2 oz. shots of “espresso” which is all fine and well if Ben and I want to share a cup some morning. But when I have a hankerin’ for an iced coffee I will not be sharing it, and that means I have to brew the pot twice to make enough for both of us. Yesterday Ben and I were sitting down to breakfast burritos and I was trying to hint that we should invest in a larger model, despite their rather hefty price tag. He was unmoved (as he usually is with kitchen matters-easy to be unmotivated when you’re not the one doing the cooking!). Then he took a bite of his burrito and exclaimed “Mmm I’ll buy you any kitchen appliance you want!” If I’d only known his weakness sooner!

Argument Winning Breakfast Burritos (for two)

2 eggs

5 slices pepperoni, chopped

1 cup leftover cooked black beans, reheated

2 tortillas

grated cheese

salsa or pico de gallo

hot sauce to taste

Turn oven to lowest setting (ours is about 250F). Place each tortilla on its own plate. Scoop 1/2 cup of beans into each tortilla. Scramble the eggs in a nonstick skillet. Divide evenly between the tortillas. Add pepperoni to hot pan and cook until they start to crisp, about one minute. Divide evenly between tortillas. Sprinkle with cheese and add a hefty scoop of salsa to each. Place plates into oven and leave alone until cheese has melted, about 5 minutes. Carefully remove plates from oven, add hot sauce if desired, and roll burritos. Enjoy getting your way. 🙂


About krisawayfromhome

Back at home, but still a bit uneasy. Cooking my way to salvation?
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3 Responses to I love being told I’m the best

  1. Allison says:

    Oh man, those DO sound delicious…like something Mike would like. I’ll have to try the recipe out one of these weekends when I’m not covered in clingy baby…sooo, maybe in a year or two?

  2. Yeah they were good. The part that was the coolest is the fact that all the ingredients were leftovers that I just happened to throw together. And it turned into something *magical*. Maybe Jade could cling to Mike for half an hour? 🙂

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