Mack the Knife

Those of you who are faint of heart might want to skip to the second half of this post. Please scroll down until you see the line of asterisks*******

Are they gone? Okay good.

Mack the Knife: this is how I’m going to refer my chef’s knife from now on. For those of you not familiar with this popular Bobby Darin song, it details a murder spree by the eponymous Mack the Knife. Yes, my knife appears to be a soulless killer. You may remember Ben’s recent injury. He had just finished healing and then two days ago I was slicing cucumber (for a delicious and refreshing Asian noodle salad with grilled pork) when I slipped and cut a chunk out of my left pointer finger. And I mean a chunk. It bled for about two hours. I laid on the bed with my arm over my head, grimacing, while Ben attempted to distract me with funny stories about his favorite foods and childhood. Eventually the other fingers on my left hand went numb, but still my pointer finger bled. When I finally managed to peel the gauze away Ben paled. Now he knows how I felt two weeks ago when he was the injured one. It was gross. I took off about half my fingernail, exposing the nail bed. If you’ve ever gotten a splinter etc under your fingernail (or been tortured by the Saeed character in Lost) you know how excruciating nail bed trauma is. If you’re morbidly curious (like me), here’s pictures:

that’s never a good sign

Those black dots on my finger are hematomas (blood clots). But that green stuff in the background is my cilantro, which happens to be growing nicely! The bad news is I can’t wash dishes, cooking is painfully slow and typing is nigh impossible. I imagine it’s going to be a month before the nail actually grows back and my finger is fully functional. In the meanwhile, I will probably have to teach Ben to cook all the recipes I like that involve mixing with your hands (scones, bread, pizza dough, meat dumplings…)

Those avoiding the cooking carnage may resume reading here

On a happier note, here are a bunch of pictures of the awesome weather we’ve been having. The only other cool thing is I went into London with Rosie to see her sister run the marathon, and I saw Richard Branson, the chairman of Virgin Group, running with crazy rainbow fairy wings on! (Virgin is the major sponsor of the London Marathon.) So that was awesome! The marathon raises money for charities and many of the runners showed up in fancy dress (costumes) including Sonic the Hedgehog, a banana, a caveman in a loin cloth, and Branson, seen in this video at 1:39.

Brighton Pier
steps lead down the hill by our house
one of the hills nearby
elevated train rails run behind houses in the Preston Circus neighborhood

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