Fingerpocaylpse 2010

Well hello. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I can’t really type. I’m getting pretty good at doing a lot of other things with 9 fingers, but typing is a challenge. Someday I might have all 10 digits operational again, but until then I’m picking away at a slow gait. Just how is that finger, you might ask? Well it’s doing ok. It doesn’t really hurt much anymore, which is awesome. For a few days I couldn’t even bend it and even the slightest touch was excruciating. We’re talking the second most painful thing I’ve ever done to myself. (Eh, maybe third, I’ve had a couple blistering sunburns in my lifetime *shudder*) But now things are going along alright. I will include a pic at the end for those of you who are wondering. In the interest of decorum, I’m going to put it last, because first I want to talk about food, and I realize that making you look at pictures of deliciousness after looking at pictures of yuckiness would just be mean and counterproductive. So, food! I love it! I love cooking it, I love eating it! But lately I’ve been feeling like I’m in a food rut. The weather has been all wonky lately, which caused me to eat hot potato soup on a warm day and cold spring rolls (shout-out: Maya!) on a chilly, rainy day. I hate it when that happens. Frankly I don’t know what I want lately. As soon as the weather starts warming up all I can think about is grilling something. What is it about nice weather that makes me want to throw animal flesh over hot coals? (apologies to the vegetarian readers, all two of you) I just keep thinking teriyaki chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers, cedar plank salmon…But alas, no grill here. We have a little Foreman but cleaning it is almost more trouble than it’s worth, especially since our veg flatmates like to use it too, which means it must be spotless. And any real cook knows a Foreman is no substitute for actual fire. So instead I combed my recipe bookmarks, looking for something different, maybe a little “ethnic,” maybe a little flashy. And oh yeah, gotta finish up that mint in the fridge. Oh and those tomatoes…and the cuc. Oops. Ah ha! Recipe pay-dirt!

yes please

Kafta Kebabs with pita. Oh pita, how I love you. Of course, mine never quite puffs properly. But no matter, it makes tasty flatbread, too. So, in my handicapped state I set out to make both pita and meatballs. Mmm kafta. AKA kefta. AKA kofta, depending on the country of origin. Those of you who have been to Nicholas Restaurant with me (on my PDX To-do When I Return List) will note my affinity for this meaty, garlicky concoction. It is freakin’ good. And easy to make! Meat, onion, spices, parsley. Roll into balls (a one-handed challenge!), grill or fry. Consume ravenously. Really, it’s easy. Ever made meatloaf? Same thing, only delicious. Plus, it’s an excuse to eat yogurt sauce, which is my new favorite condiment. (Sorry, salsa.) I seriously urge you to make these asap. If you have a grill, stick ’em on skewers. If not, flatten them just a bit and fry ’em up in a skillet. You’ll thank me, I promise. And if you’re feeling frisky, make the pita too.
Gross stuff next

less blood, still gross

Okay, now on to the yucky thing. Here’s my finger, not really sure what’s going on with it. The skin on my fingertip is dying and peeling, like when you have a cast on for a while. Maybe some dead neutrophils in there? Maybe a scab developing? You know how your mom always told you not to pick at your scabs? Well I was never very good at that. I know they’re God’s Band-Aids and all that, but I just hate the way they feel. But I told myself I would not touch my finger. I won’t, I won’t I won’t. I’m just gonna sit here and marvel at the body’s regenerative powers. Yep. Pretty neat. Practically miraculous. Absolutely awesome. Very cool. And gross. Gross gross gross.


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