The meat

This afternoon I realized I never actually said how one would go about cooking a huge hunk of pig to make carnitas or pulled pork. I gave you half a delicious recipe and left you hanging! It goes something like this: buy a big hunk of pork. If you live near a WinCo you can probably go in and buy a package labeled as “carnitas” and it is a very affordable package at that. I think they were about 3-4 pounds and I once used one to make tacos for 6 hungry bank divas, so it goes a long way. Otherwise buy a roast, one that has a lot of fat marbling in it. Season the meat liberally, I use a home-made Mexican blend that has chili powder, paprika, oregano, cumin, kosher salt and crushed red pepper. Plop it in a nice deep pan or cast iron casserole (Le Creuset *sniff*) and cover. Out here in the boonies I have to use aluminium (that’s the English pronunciation) foil to cover the pan because we don’t have anything with a lid. It ain’t pretty but it works. Resist the urge to add any water because pretty soon all that tasty fat will start melting and it will become self-basting, hence the lid. Pop it into your oven and cook nice and low (250-275F) for about three hours or so. I check it at two hours and three hours, flipping the meat each time if it’s not done yet. How do you know it’s done? Well, stick a fork in it and twist. If the meat just breaks apart, it’s cooked. If you’re watching your girlish figure, pour off the pan dripping and skim away the fat, then return drippings to pan. Either way, stir the meat around in it’s juices then crank the oven up to 400 and put the meat back in, uncovered, for about 15 minutes, then flip it and cook another 15. We want nice crispy edges on there. Attack with a fork, a tortilla, a chip, etc.


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