back “home”

Well, I am no longer in the UK. I am back in the US, and my it was a loooong trip. Ben and I went to Amsterdam for three days before I had to come back, one final hurrah if you will. Which means I flew from Amsterdam to London to Vancouver BC to Portland, all in the same calendar day. And I didn’t even get Canada/USA stamps in my passport. I was sorely disappointed. All this means, of course, that I am no longer away from home. But It leaves me asking, exactly what is “home,” anyway? Tune in soon as I will be posting pictures from my last week in the UK and then after that our trip to Amsterdam. Right now my allergies have given me eye-boogers and I can’t see straight to upload anything. Yes, eye-boogers. Think it over.


About krisawayfromhome

Back at home, but still a bit uneasy. Cooking my way to salvation?
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